31 Jan 2012

Michelle Vawer looking so adorably hot it hurts

A little bird recently told me that my new crush, the uber cute Michelle Vawer, might be a rookie in this year’s swimwear issue from Sports Illustrated. It’s not confirmed yet, but that got me so excited that I started to look for new photos with this peach and.. that’s how I’ve bumped into a drool inducing lingerie photoshoot she recently did for La Senza.

This girl just keeps getting hotter and hotter with every new photoshoot I see with her and I’m pretty damn sure these photos will convince you of that. They also do a pretty great job of radiating cuteness, and give us some of the most awesome shots of Michelle and her tight little body.

I don’t even know if you’re still reading this so, without further ado, it’s time to drool over this stunning photoshoot of Michelle Vawer prancing around in skimpy lingerie for.. La Senza. Enjoy!