26 Nov 2012

Michea Crawford’s sultry look will make you weak in the knees

Oh. My. Goodness! I honestly didn’t think we can find a photoshoot that’s even more amazing than the one we posted this morning with Barbara Palvin in lingerie, but boy… I was wrong! Here’s one of the hottest girls from Canada, the adorably hot Michea Crawford, turning us all into a pack of brain-dead zombies with this brand spanking new photoshoot for Pain du Sucre swimwear.

Gosh.. if these photos won’t make you speechless for a couple of minutes then I really don’t know what will. I can barely find the right words to describe this photoshoot right now, maybe because I really think words can’t do justice to this girl’s beauty. She’s just.. way too freaking sexy in this set of photos. And gorgeous. And perfect. Like, from head to toe and back up again.

I’m gonna let the photos do the rest of the talking for me because I’m starting to feel a little faint right now so.. enjoy and also click on the related articles below for even more photos of this Canadian super hottie.