24 Apr 2012

Michea Crawford looking like a sexy little minx

We’ve said just a couple of days ago about Canadian model Michea Crawford that.. she’s going to be your new crush and, if you guys thought she looked like a major hottie in lingerie for Yamamay here, wait until you see her killer body covered only by hotness amplifying bikinis from the same company.

Good lord, is she drop dead gorgeous or what !?? She’s oozing serious sex appeal in this photoshoot where everything is just right,, the skimpy attire, the sexy poses, the background and.. of course, this adorably hot girl. I can’t believe I’ve heard of Michea just a couple of days ago but after two photoshoots I can easily say she’s new favorite up and coming model.

This girl made me believe in love at first sight and the second time I’ve seen her it was even better. I have a feeling that you’re going to see a lot more of Michea Crawford in the future here, so, until we find the next photoshoot, sit back, relax and enjoy these incredible swimwear shots from Yamamay. Aaand the BONUS video below.