26 Dec 2011

Michaela Kocianova is new, looks adorably hot in lingerie

Here’s the jaw dropping Michaela Kocianova unleashing her sexy little body in a variety of skimpy outfits for the Madeleine Christmas 2011 Collection. Now before you guys start with the emails.. I have absolutely no idea who she is. This is just the first time I’ve had the privilege of drooling over her groovy curves as well.

All I know is that a) she’s freaking hot, b) she’s apparently a young and pretty popular Slovak model (acording to her wiki page) and c) I would do anything for her to go out with me. She’s just letting everyone know that she has one hell of a sexy body in this wonderful photoshoot and, if these photos won’t convince you to remember her name, then I guess nothing will…

Ok so.. without further ado, I’m going to stop right here and let you guys get to the good stuff: clicking on the sexy thumbnails below and gushing over Michaela Kocianova’s hotness.