2 Oct 2012

Michaela Kocianova in sexy lingerie will make you squirm

Here’s another blonde bombshell that you guys and gals probably don’t know yet, a Slovak model who goes by the name Michaela Kocianova and looks uber sweet whenever she’s posing in sexy lingerie as you’re about to see right now.  Last year we’ve featured this peach for the first time on our site here and, judging by the likes and views of that article, I’m pretty sure you were all over this hottie.

Even though it’s been many, many months since our first post with Michaela, I still don’t know much about this girl.. actually I don’t know anything about her, other than the fact that she looks freaking hot in lingerie. Which is all that matters when it comes to lingerie pictures, right? Good.. good.

Anyways, here’s Michaela Kocianova showing off her sexy little curves for the new lingerie collection from Andres Sarda in a couple of photos that could easily end up as your future desktop background. Enjoy!