20 Nov 2017

Men’s Fashion Magazines in Circulation!

When the topic of fashion magazines pop up, most people would immediately talk about women and women’s fashion. The conversation will revolve around female models on the covers, editorials about makeup and women’s accessories, and a lot of fashion tips and tricks. But what people don’t realize is that there are actually fashion magazines dedicated to men. Men’s fashion is just as trendy as women’s fashion, especially now that more and more guys are getting into looking stylish and fashionable. But what are these fashion magazines dedicated to men? Here are a few men’s fashion magazines in circulation!

Men’s Vogue

Although there are many Vogue issues and editions for the women, they also have a number of Vogue publications for the men. From Japan to France, Vogue definitely conquers any continent that puts emphasis on fashion and that holds true for both the women and the men. Like many other fashion magazines of late, they also include celebrities to model the latest fashion trends for men. This puts a lot of attention on the fashion styles that are featured in the magazine.


This French fashion magazine for men do not disappoint since it is published in the fashion capital of the world. It costs around sixteen dollars and it circulates bi-annually. With so many women’s fashion magazine, it was breathe of fresh air when Numero came out with men’s fashion all throughout the year. Just like women’s fashion, they also follow the trends of each season and showcase amazing designers.


Living up to its masculine name, Hercules definitely brings out the manly man out of men’s fashion. This Spanish men’s magazine circulates in magazine stands semi-annually, meaning it publishes twice a year. Being a fashion magazine, obviously it would include fashion from clothing brands. With Hercules, they put a spotlight on not very well known designers such as Davis Vivirido and Michel Alcade. But once you get a look at them, you’ll know that they aren’t your typical fashion items.

It is pretty clear that it doesn’t matter whether you are a guy or a gal. If it’s fashionable, it will be bought by many who love to express themselves through the clothes that they wear. Just like women’s fashion magazines, men’s fashion magazines also highlights the latest fashion trends for guys in whatever season we may be in and these magazines mentioned above help spread the word.