29 Sep 2011

Melissa Satta’s sexy rollercoaster curves are a must see

Gosh! It’s been a looong time since we’ve had the privilege of drooling over new photos with Italian model/actress/all-round bombshell Melissa Satta and.. that’s exactly what you’re going to see right now. Here she is showing off her lovely curves for a new swimwear campaign and reminding us all how incredibly hot she is (not that anyone forgot, I guess).

I remember gushing over this girl’s breathtaking photos from last year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue like it was yesterday and even though I’ve seen probably hundreds of photos of this peach already, I’m still awestruck each and every single time I see a new photoshoot.

She looks amazing from head to toe and, if you still don’t have a thing for her, these pics will surely make you remember this girl’s name. Alright then.. I’m sure most of you have skipped the text and jumped straight to the drooling part and that’s exactly what I’m going to do right now. Enjoy!