13 Oct 2011

Melissa Satta & Thais Wiggers Souza should kiss

I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks promo photoshoots for tv shows or movies are pretty damn boring but this shoot will knock you off your chair. I don’t know exactly how old these photos are, I’ve just received them on my email earlier today and I just had to post them here because this is an example on how promo shoots should look like.

It’s for a popular tv show from Italy called Striscia la notizia which translates in English to “Strip the news” and unfortunately it doesn’t involve any girls stripping while reading the news. It’s a parody of the usual news which air just before the program and two girls, usually a blonde and brunette are prancing around the studio looking freaking hot.

The girls in question are Melissa Satta and Thais Souza Wiggers, two bombshells who surely manage to take the ratings of that show to the roof. So… here we have a small gallery of photos with these two hotties in a variety of skimpy outfits and poses trying to promote the show. Enjoy!