3 Oct 2012

Melissa Giraldo’s rollercoaster curves are so damn sexy

Here’s one of my favorite Colombian bombshells, the lovely Melissa Giraldo, showing off her insanely tight and sexy body in a massive photoshoot for the new swimwear collection from PHAX. Now we all know that Melissa is one of the hottest babes from Colombia, and we definitely know that she has one hell of a killer body so, umm, I don’t even know where I’m going with that.

My mind wandered off and I was thinking of this super hottie prancing around a beach and busting out her groovy curves in any of these wonderful bikinis while I’m there next to her enjoying the finer things in life. That means this girl is hot enough to make you daydream about an awesome day with her at the beach with just a couple of photos.

A “couple” being exactly 100 (yeah, ONE hundred) photos that could turn you into a brain-dead drooling zombie in just a matter of seconds. There might be some duplicates in here but I’m sure you won’t be upset if you’ll find one. Enjoy!