16 Sep 2011

Melissa Giraldo is so hot you’ll forget your name

Speaking of girls that have been off our radar for a looong time, here’s my one-time super crush, Colombian hottie Melissa Giraldo, finally making a grand return and busting out her drop dead gorgeous curves in a variety of sexy swimsuits for the newest collection of swimwear from Phax. Wowawiwu! (that’s a retarded way of saying wow lol)

All I can say right now is that… it’s about damn time that we got to see a brand new photoshoot featuring this Colombian bombshell. I fell in love with this peach a couple of years ago, when I’ve bumped into the first swimwear photos with her but it feels like it was yesterday. I was so amazed by girl that I quickly googled her name to look for more and.. since then her name was stuck in my head.

I think that’s exactly what’s going to happen to you as well after you’ll gawk at the following photos. Having said that, I hope these photos are not just a tease and that she’s ready to impress  us all with a lot more pics like these in the near future. Enjoy!