12 Jul 2013

Melissa Giraldo is just… sizzling hot

I don’t know if I’ve said it before, but I love Latinas. There is something about them that makes my few neurons light up and go into hyper mode. And here’s one of my favorite Colombian bombshells, the lovely Melissa Giraldo, showing off her insanely tight and sexy body in a massive photoshoot for the new swimwear collection from Kibys. I couldn’t be happier!

Now we all know that Melissa is one of the hottest babes from Colombia, and we definitely know that she has one hell of a killer body so, umm.. it’s quite obvious she’s looking ridiculously sexy as usual in these new bikini photos. Watching this super hottie prancing around a beach and busting out her groovy curves in any of these wonderful bikinis is somewhat of a dream come true.

This girl is hot enough to make you daydream about an awesome day with her at the beach with just a couple of photos. She’s mesmerizing from head to toe, isn’t she? She could turn you into a brain-dead drooling zombie in just a matter of seconds. I could tell you how freaking hot she is, and how sizzling some of these photos are.. but, why do it when there’s proof?! Enjoy!