28 Feb 2011

Melissa Giraldo busts out her jaw dropping curves

Melissa Giraldo Phax Swimwear

I wanted to kick off this new week with a special article about last night’s Academy Awards but I almost fell asleep during the show and I really don’t know if I could make a decent review. Thank god Mila Kunis woke me up with her mesmerizing cleavage because that’s what kept me going for the rest of the show. The King’s Speech, The Social Network, The Fighter and Inception were the movies which got the most awards and… that’s probably all I could say about the 2011 Academy Awards.

Moving on to the good stuff now. Melissa Giraldo is a drop dead gorgeous Colombian model who was previously featured on our site and now, after quite a lot of time off our radar, she’s back with a new drool inducing swimwear photoshoot. I remember the first time I posted a photoshoot with this girl like it was yesterday.

My eyes were happy for having the privilege of gawking at her amazing body and that’s exactly what happened today as well. So, here’s Melissa Giraldo showing off her ridiculously sexy everything in a whole slew of new photos for the 2011 Phax Swimwear collection. One look at any of these shots and you can clearly see why we like this girl so much.