31 Jul 2013

Megan Williams will lure you right in

The last time I’ve been to the UK I wasn’t too impressed by the girls there but there are a couple of models and celebrities who can really surprise you and change your mind about British babes. Here’s the lovely and uber cute British model Megan Williams, taking your world by storm with an awesome swimwear photoshoot from Guess.

Not much to tell about this sweet babe; I don’t know anything about her and the Internet is quite cheap when it comes to info about her. She was born in 1994 – man, I feel old – and those 19 years old super long legs make me want to drive to Great Britain right now. Do I really need to tell you more about her long, blonde hair and those superb, blue eyes? I’m packing as I speak!

It’s the first time this foxy lady is paying us a visit, but I’m sure Megan Williams will return, if not by popular demand, just to draw us into her perfectly sculpted figure, like moths to the flame. Whoever gets there last is in charge of putting the rest of us off. Enjoy!