28 Mar 2014

Meet Miss Cristina Chiabotto

Time for a new entry on our hottie list, here on Brosome. Cristina Chiabotto, born 15 September 1986, is an Italian TV presenter, model and showgirl. And if that wasn’t enough, this fox actually won Miss Italia in 2004. Here she is, posing for the Amarea swimwear collection. Benvenuto!

The 182 cm tall sexy babe and her deep blue eyes could make you knees melt in a second, and when you think those sweet and sultry curves of hers were featured nude for Bioetyc.. you could go totally bonkers just imagining that. Check out them sweet body-lines and try to disagree. I could move to Italy right now, just give me her address!

Cristina Chiabotto is also official spokes-model for Deborah‘s cosmetics. So, she’s talented, she’s sexy and she’s beautiful. What else could a hot-blooded guy ask for? Well, we could wish for this baby to go topless and ask us to help her with her lotion, but that’s a story for another location and another. In the meantime, let’s focus on this one and hope for more excitement. Enjoy!