3 Feb 2012

Meet Lauren Vickers, maybe the hottest MotoGP WAG

I’ll be honest with you guys, I don’t watch MotoGP at all but I still know the names of a couple of riders and I also know that Valentino Rossi was and probably still is freaking awesome. What I didn’t know was that Randy de Puniet is also pretty damn great, and it’s not because he’s one of the best in the game, it’s because he’s the one who’s dating Lauren Vickers. Wooow!

This girl is a freaking supernova of hotness. I don’t even have to mention how insanely sexy she looks because these photos will probably speak for themselves but I guess I just did. She was born in Australia and years later she took over the entire Italy and MotoGP with her rollercoaster curves and all around perfection.

She was even the Playmate of the Year back in 2010 in Italy which means 2, no 3 things: a) she’s not afraid to show off her amazing body, b) we totally need to remember her name from now on and c) how the hell did Randy de Puniet managed to land a Playmate of the year from Italy?? That’s quite something so.. he’s my new hero of the day.

Having said that, sit back and enjoy this pretty damn great collection of photos of Lauren Vickers, who’s dating Randy De Puniet.