26 May 2010

Mayrin Villanueva shows off her bodaciously sexy curves

Mayrin Villanueva H 1

We don’t watch Spanish television at all but it seems there are a lot of fine Latin American beauties from there who would deserve our full attention. Mayrin Villanueva is one of them, a smoking hot woman who is a pretty popular Mexican actress and also appeared in a lot of mens magazines until now.

This woman is just flat out gorgeous and there were even rumors that she was about to become the Bond Girl from Quantum of Solace since a lot of the action from that movie took place in South America. She might be one of the most beautiful Latinas but the Bond girl was landed by a lucky Ukrainean babe.

Mayrin is in her 30s now and she still looks more amazing than a lot of 20 year old girls and will probably impress us more in the future. H para Hombres featured a smoking hot pictorial with Mayrin Villanueva in their March 2010 Issue where this babe is showing off her incredible body.