23 Feb 2012

Mathilde Franchon in sexy lingerie will make you faint

Gosh, celebrity hotties were pretty boring today so.. we had to dig deep to find a couple of awesome photos to share with you guys and girls. But don’t worry, after hours of hard “research”, we have for you a couple of drool inducing photoshoots that I’m pretty sure you’re going to love. So let’s get to the good stuff.

Here’s the adorably hot Mathilde Franchon,  an up and coming French model who was noticed by Victoria’s Secret a while ago, doing what she probably does best.. looking freaking hot in sexy lingerie… for VS once again. In case you’ve missed the first photoshoot we’ve posted with this girl here you totally need to check that out.

After the first photos I’ve seen with this cute, I thought she couldn’t get any hotter but boy I was wrong. She’s just killing it in Victoria’s Secret lingerie and makes me weak at the knees in every single photo. If these photos won’t convince you to remember this girl’s name then probably nothing will.. Enjoy!