25 Apr 2017

Masturbation Mania: Biggest Masturbation Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make! (3 of 3)

Here we are at the third and final installment of our Masturbation Mania series where we have offered some helpful information about masturbation. We have started this series with an article about three fun facts about masturbation. Have you read that yet? Here’s another one:  Did you know that May is National Masturbation Month?



On the second article in our series, we have provided here reasons why you should not feel guilty about masturbating. The act provides a lot of health benefits, it makes you happy, plus, it gives you red flags about health risks that might be happening in your body that you might not have known otherwise if you’re not a regular master bater.

On this third article in the series, we are going to discuss the three big mistakes that you can commit while masturbating. Beware, some of the consequences nightmare-inducing!

Mistake #1: Masturbating until you’re feverish.

Think you’re masturbating too much? Here’s a good reason to resist. A 29-year old man masturbated so frequently that his penis got small abrasions already which exposed it to infection. He was puking, he had a nasty fever, his scrotum was swollen, and his muscles felt like he just took a beating.

Apparently these small abrasions gave him Fournier’s gangrene, a rare type of infection. The doctors had to perform several rounds of skin-grating surgery on him in order to cover up his penis again.

Mistake #2: Squeezing a little too hard.

You might be surprised to learn that 60% of penile fracture (or broken penis) cases happen during masturbation. Apparently guys are prone to squeezing their dickens too hard or squeezing it at a wrong angle which can result to penile fracture.

And if you think this is the only way to break your penis, then think again. You can also break your penis by masturbating while driving (then it can accidentally hit the wheel), masturbating while in the shower (then slipping – ouch!), and masturbating into something…a glass, a bottle, a cocktail shaker (then accidentally hitting your penis against it). In short: MASTURBATE IN A SAFE SPACE. In bed, or while seated down. With your own hands, never with another object involved. And please, not while driving.

Mistake #3: Stuffing something into your penis.

This might be hilarious to you but apparently two men (separate cases) thought it would be more pleasurable to stick a wire into their penises. If you’re thinking about it as well, then let me take this opportunity to talk you out of it. Your penis is not a vagina. Please, don’t stick anything inside it. And who would even think of sticking a wire into a vagina, seriously?

So what happened to both of the guys? The wires went so far in, that it got stuck into their bladders and they both underwent surgery just to remove the foreign object sticking out of their junk. Fortunately, both of them recovered well.