11 Apr 2017

Masturbation Mania: 3 Fun Facts About Masturbation (1 of 3)

Hi bros! Today we are going to start a new series of sex articles called Masturbation Mania. Here’s the deal: whether you are single or taken, masturbation is still a part of your sex life. Though, of course, if you’re flying solo, then this recreational activity might be a bigger deal to you compared to those bastards in a relationship.


Hence, we are starting a series of three articles today in order for us to learn more about masturbation – why it feels so good, why you need to do it on a regular basis, and other fun facts. Let’s start!

Fun Fact #1: Guys start masturbating inside their momma’s womb.

No kidding. If you can still remember the first time you ever touched yourself that way and thought that it was the first time you ever masturbated, then you’re wrong because recent studies show that even babies inside their mother’s wombs already start masturbating. Of course they’re not going to hold their junk the same way as you do now, but little dudes position themselves inside the womb in a way that is sexually pleasurable and comfortable for them.

Fun Fact #2: Finding it hard to orgasm? Masturbation might hold the key.

Did you know that one of the reasons why you can’t climax easily during sex has actually a lot to do with how you masturbate? You see, whenever you masturbate, you probably have a way or a secret ninja technique in order to reach that climax and you use that every single time. It feels good and it’s a tried and tested technique, so we don’t judge. Hey, I have one too! But here’s the case: if your body gets too used to reaching orgasm through this sensation then it might find it hard to orgasm in a different scenario, like when you’re in bed with a lady friend. The solution? Switch up the technique and try some other things!

Fun Fact #3: Not all guys masturbate.

It might be shocking to you, or to other guys out there who treat masturbation as a regular habit or ritual, but not all guys so it. Some just don’t like the feeling and others are just downright not interested. Well, whatever you guys seem to enjoy, stick with that, regardless what the world says. And it’s totally fine if you don’t do it, as long as you don’t do it too much that you’re already freaking out people and you can’t function in your life anymore without one hand inside your pants. Now, that’s a no-no.