21 Apr 2011

Masha Novoselova translates to “really, really smoking hot”

Don’t ask me who Masha Novoselova is… because I’m just as surprised as you guys are when you’re reading her name. I’ve googled her and it seems she’s a pretty popular Russian model who worked for many renowned fashion designers and brands until now but.. the odd fact is that I’ve never heard of her until today.

I guess she should show off her tight little body more often in skimpy lingerie to get our attention, right? Anyways, thanks to the guys from H&M we got to see the bodacious Masha Novoselova looking drop dead sexy from head to toe for their new spring/summer collection in sexy lingerie mostly.

I don’t have a clue how come we haven’t seen this cutie until now but I have a feeling that she’s going to be featured again in here in the near future because… Sweet Christmas, does she have a totally rocking body or what? Everything about this babe is ridiculously hot.