7 Feb 2011

Maryna Linchuk posing in tiny bikinis is the super hotness

Maryna Linchuk VS Bikini

Here’s my newest crush from Victoria’s Secret, Maryna Linchuk, looking absolutely stunning in a whole bunch of screaming hot bikini photos from the newest collection from VS. Now normally Id go on telling you how ridiculously sexy this girl is.. but I won’t do that today, not when there are  many, many bikini photos ready to be clicked.

I was normally planning to end the day with a sort of funny gallery but when I’ve seen these breathtaking photos with Maryna I totally forgot what I had in mind and I knew this girl is a must see before you go to bed tonight. She’s definitely doing an amazing job of seducing us in these bikinis.. and then some.

I guess I should stop here and leave this Belarusian hotness to charm you with her ridiculously sexy curves in sexy bikinis from VS.  You’re still reading this? That’s odd, ’cause all I’m thinking of right now is how to click on these hot thumbnails faster. Oh yeah!