30 Jan 2012

Maryna Linchuk in sexy bikinis is amazing from head to toe

Wow! If you thought Maryna Linchuk was scorching hot before, wait until you see this brand spanking photoshoot of this hottie wearing sexy little bikinis from Victoria’s Secret. Gosh.. I don’t remember exactly when was the last time I’ve seen this peach, probably at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show which was like2 months ago but all I know is that I’ve surely missed her.

If you’re like me, you’re probably used to drool over this girl’s totally rocking body in lingerie but, after looking at these photos, I think she’s even a hotter appearance whenever she’s filling tiny bikinis. Actually, I’m pretty sure this Belarusian bombshell looks amazing no matter what she’s wearing or doing, especially if she would go out with me one day.

A hot summer day, chilling at the beach with Maryna in one of these sexy bikinis. That sounds like the perfect day right now, especially for those of us who live in the northern hemisphere where it’s freaking cold outside at the moment. I hope these photos will raise your room’s temperature a bit.