18 Aug 2010

Maryna Linchuk in all of her sexy lingerie glory

Maryna Linchuk 1

Probably only few of you have heard about Maryna Linchuk until now. Maybe because she’s still pretty young or maybe because she’s a Belarusian beauty and let’s face it… our chick radar hasn’t reached this country yet. This peach has an amazing body and the guys from Victoria’s Secret quickly noticed that and have chosen her to model for them.

Maryna has already conquered the runway modeling scene and a couple of magazine started to notice her beauty as well. Unlike other models who struggled from the start, this babe simply walked into a modeling agency and took off into the stratosphere from there!

Anyway… here we have Maryna Linchuk looking drop dead gorgeous in skimpy lingerie in a new photoshoot for Victoria’s Secret. If these pics won’t make you love this peach then I really don’t know what will. Drooling starts in 3,2,1.. Go!