26 Jul 2012

Martha Hunt’s cute little curves in sexy lingerie

OW! Here’s the criminally underrated Martha Hunt doing what she probably does best, showing off her killer little body and looking like a supernova of cuteness in every single photo from this new Aerie photoshoot. Hoochie mama! Now I’ve had a thing for this girl ever since I’ve seen the first photos of her but I like her more and more with every new appearance.

She’s one of the sweetest supermodels on the face of the planet right now and you can easily see that by looking at any of these drool inducing photos below. Stunning looks? check. Sexy little legs? Check. Mesmerizing cleavage? Of course.. Ridiculously awesome smile? Oh yeah.

Every single inch of this girl’s tight little body is truly amazing but that smile and those eyes make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I hope I’m not the only one who feels that way .. Enjoy!