27 Jun 2012

Martha Hunt looking like her usual uber cute self

Helloooo sunshine !!! Here’s my new supermodel crush, the adorably hot Martha Hunt, doing a bang up job of unleashing her cuteness and inducing drooling with these brand new lingerie photos from Aerie. Let me just start off by saying that I love, yeah, I really loooove Martha Hunt.

This girl is beyond sweet, has one hell of a sexy body (check out our previous post with her here) and… she looks like the type of girl I’d actually bring home to meet my folks. She looks amazing no matter what she’s wearing but when you see that tight little body in skimpy lingerie with a cute smile as well then my friends.. you’re going to feel warm and fuzzy inside.

I’d love to see a new photoshoot with Martha every single week but unfortunately we’ll have to settle for just one in months. Let’s hope we won’t have to wait this much again until we’ll see a new batch of photos with her. Enjoy!