16 May 2013

Martha Hunt in lingerie will melt your damn eyeballs

Here’s another super hottie that we rarely see, the uber sweet Martha Hunt, continuing to impress us with her sexiness thanks to this brand spanking new set of lingerie photos from Victoria’s Secret. These pics will probably take your breath away so.. I’m gonna pause here for a second so you could catch your breath.

I honestly think this peach is one of the most underrated supermodels in the US right now. Yeah, she’s posing for Victoria’s Secret and many other renowned designers but good lord, I’m sure most of you guys and gals don’t even know who she is exactly. Everyone on the face of the planet should know how freaking beautiful this girl really is and.. I’m sure that’s going to happen in the years to come.

Just get a load of those things and tell me if I’m wrong! Absolutely perfect! She’s the next great American model and I think we’re gonna hear and see a lot more of this peach in the near future. Enjoy!