31 Jul 2012

Marloes Horst looks drop dead sexy no matter what

Alright mates, we’re baaack in action after five awesome days at the beach filled with booze, crazy parties, topless girls and waaay too little sleep. I’m still hungover but the girl you’re about to see right now made me forget about that and got me back in the mood for what I actually call ‘work’.

So.. let’s kick off the week with one of my favorite supermodels (and coincidentally my future girlfriend), Dutch cutie Marloes Horst, looking like her usual vision of perfection in her latest scorching hot photoshoot for the fall collection from Cubus. This shoot is freaking great because Marloes is trying on some clothes she’d probably wear on a casual day out with me and then she’s also posing in sexy lingerie. This is probably how the perfect day with Marloes would look like.

I can go on and on about how ridiculously sexy and perfect this peach is, but why waste your time when there are plenty of photos of this hottie just waiting to be clicked and drooled over ? And not to mention our amazing Marloes Horst archive .. Enjoy!