19 Oct 2011

Marloes Horst looking like her usual uber cute little self

Oh boy… it’s been waay too long since the last time we’ve featured this cutie on our site but that’s all going to change today. Here’s my future girlfriend, Dutch supermodel Marloes Horst, in a variety of ridiculously sexy and cute photos for the newest Pink collection from Victoria’s Secret to warm you guys and gals up.

As you can see from any of these photos, these are hands down some of the finest examples of this girl’s sweet curves, and all around hotness. I’m actually blown away by these shots, and that’s saying a lot considering the fact that I’ve already drooled over hundreds of photos of this peach, enough to think she might be the perfect girlfriend for me in the near future.

Everything about this girl is awesome: her legs, her lips, her eyes, her boobs, her tush and you know, everything else as well. I could go on and on about how many things I like about Marloes Horst but, since you’re not even reading this, I’m going stop here and gawk at these photos once again with you guys. Enjoy!