13 Dec 2011

Marloes Horst looking like her usual ball of super cuteness

Yesterday was a bit shorter than usual ’cause I had to travel to another city for a couple of hours but we’ll try to make up for lost time today. I’ve said it many times before.. and I’ll say it again; Marloes Horst is hands down one of the cutest models on the planet and today’s batch of uber hot lingerie photos should definitely convince you of that if you’ve been hesitant to believe so.

Here she is showing off her ridiculously sexy body in skimpy lingerie while posing for the newest collection from Victoria’s Secret Pink. Umm.. I’m going to pause here a bit so you could breathe in and breathe out because I’m pretty sure you almost forgot how to breathe after gawking at the top photos from this article.

Gosh, this girl is so freaking cute, and seeing this Dutch bombshell showing off her tight little body in lingerie is just what the doctor ordered on a pretty cold day. So without further ado… enjoy these drool inducing lingerie photos from VS featuring Dutch hottie Marloes Horst.