21 Nov 2011

Marloes Horst looking drop dead sexy from head to toe

If you guys needed further proof as to why Marloes Horst and her groovy little body shot up the supermodel ranks and became one of my favorite hotties, then look no further. This is probably our biggest Marloes Horst post yet, and maybe her hottest photoshoot ever and.. that’s saying something, considering the fact that each and every single time we see her, she’s ridiculously hoot!

So here’s the uber sweet Dutch supermodel Marloes Horst showing off her ridiculously perfect body in over forty drool inducing swimwear photos for the newest collection from Sauvage. Gosh, this photoshoot is almost too hot to handle. She looks amazing in every single photo from this gallery.. wow!

After gawking at this vision of perfection.. I honestly don’t think I can even look at other girl today. S#!t, and I have to go out with my girlfriend in a couple of hours. Enjoy!