13 Dec 2012

Marloes Horst is the definition of cute, and sexy, and…

Lord Have Mercy! After a very, very long absence (four months, fourteen days and a couple of hours to be more exact), my future girlfriend from the Netherlands, Dutch super hottie Marloes Horst, is back in a new batch of photos for Cubus, with an awesome display of her sexy little body for their Christmas and spring collections.

Wowzers, if these photos won’t turn you into a drooling zombie then..  I really don’t know what will. We got a killer show going on, enough curves to leave you dizzy, and Marloes’ adorable hotness to top things off and to make you move to Holland as soon as possible. Sweet Christmas, she looks freaking amazing!

We all know she’s incredible in lingerie or swimwear but these brand new photos from Cubus also feature Marloes Horst in all sorts of casual outfits looking like the definition of perfection. Gosh, her sexy little curves are too much… enjoy the photos and try not to drool all over yourselves, ok? We’re talking about my future girlfriend here..