29 Nov 2011

Marloes Horst in lingerie is so damn sweet it hurts

Alright, you guys probably already know how much I dig Dutch supermodel Marloes Horst and her tight little body,  right? Well, add some hotness amplifying lingerie to her groovy body and voila.. I’m as happy as a dog with two tails and I’m sure you guys will feel the same way when gawking at this new photoshoot.

Here she is showing off her curves for the newest collection of lingerie from Nordstorm and looking like her usual uber cute little self in the process. Gosh.. I don’t even know what else to say about this peach mainly because words can’t do justice to this girl. She’s so sweet that I think we need to invent new words to describe her hotness.

The only problem I have with this brand spanking new photoshoot is that it makes me wonder.. do I like Marloes more in lingerie or in bikinis? She looks amazing no matter what she’s wearing for sure but if I had to choose between seeing her in lingerie or in bikinis and I couldn’t pick both I’d probably be busy thinking at this for days. Enjoy!