4 May 2012

Marloes Horst in a bikini does it every single time

Wowzers! If this isn’t the best way to end another awesome week then.. I really don’t know what is. Here’s my future girlfriend, the uber sweet Marloes Horst, doing her usual thing once again, showing off her sexy little body in all sorts of dreamy poses and bikinis from the new collection from KOM and looking super cute while doing so..

These are actually more shots from the drool inducing swimwear photoshoot we’ve posted a month ago here and.. with this occasion I’ll have to admit I’ve made a terrible mistake back then. I’ve said those photos were from KOH (not KOM) swimwear and, since there are a looot of sites that “borrow” images from Brosome, they’ve all said the same thing. KOH not KOM. Anyways, back to Marloes..

As you guys painfully know, I totally dig this Dutch hottie, and I honestly think that she has one of the sweetest little bodies around,  which is why gawking at new photos of her makes me feel giddy every single time. That’s all I had to say.. enjoy and have a great weekend !!! Love you guys, and gals, of course.