26 Apr 2012

Marloes Horst and her uber cuteness just made my day

Here’s one of the cutest/sexiest little minxes in the modeling world right now, the adorably hot Marloes Horst, looking absolutely stunning and drool inducing in this brand spanking new set of bikini photos from H&M. Ok, say it with me guys… wowawiwu! Is she drop dead sexy or what !?

I’ve seen Marloes in a skimpy little bikini hundreds of times but it’s still not enough for me..  I mean, just look at her; how can anyone get tired of gawking at her perfect body and insanely sexy smile? In case there are any girls wondering how my future girlfriend should look like… this is the answer: Marloes Horst.

Any time I get to see a new photoshoot with this peach showing off her sexy stems, killer curves and so on, and.. smiling to the camera, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside and this probably says a lot. Enjoy the photos and check out the rest of the articles we’ve posted with Marloes here.