10 May 2013

Marloes Horst and her sizzling sexiness is here

Alright guys, it’s time once again to inject a serious dose of sexiness into your morning with a whole slew of brand spanking new swimwear and beachwear shots from Cubus and Boden featuring my future girlfriend from the Netherlands, Marloes Horst, unleashing her drool inducing curves in a couple of awesome poses right next to water.

Sweet baby Jesus… this girl’s photos from Cubus are always good enough to make your heart skip a beat and guess what?? Her new photos will probably do exactly the same thing to you, or ehm, to your heart. Just get a load of that insanely sexy body and.. I’m pretty sure you’ll be really, really close to passing out.

If any of you are actually still conscious right now, you should totally stop reading this and start enjoying the lovely photos below. What are you waiting for? Go on..