8 Jul 2013

Mariya Vinogradova is a hot surprise

I do enjoy a nice surprise.. so, what could be more enjoyable than a new hottie making me squirm uncontrollably while posing in some sexy Promise lingerie?! This virtually unknown babe is here to happily end the day – if you’re thinking what I’m thinking, shame to you! Here is the unbelievably sweet Mariya Vinogradova.

I tried to research this babe, while endlessly drooling at my keyboard, but couldn’t seem to find out where she hales from. I think she’s Russian but I don’t know for sure. Still, that really doesn’t matter to us, does it?! Staring into those gorgeous eyes, and rolling down that smooth, silky skin towards those lustful boobs while slowly, but surely nearing the point of no return on the verge of those sexy, endless legs.. I’m sorry, you were saying?!

If it seems I’m totally mesmerized by Mariya Vinogradova – although, I’d have difficulties in pronouncing her name while trying to get her into.. to.. well, get her – it’s because it’s true.. I just can’t resist blue-eyed sugar babes with long legs and a total overdose of sex appeal. It’s like she’s waiting for me, and I’m not rude, so let’s go! Enjoy!