20 Dec 2010

Marisa Miller looking as drool inducing as ever

Marisa Miller VS Swimwear 1

Gosh… it’s been AGES since we’ve last featured Marisa Miller on our site and I have to say I kinda missed gushing over her groovy little body. I don’t know what she’s been up to lately but she went off our radar in these last months and, while we were making our special list with the world’s sexiest women (that will be published in the last week of the year, so keep around), I’ve remembered about this supernova of hotness.

From what I’ve heard she moved on from being a Victoria’s Secret angel and focuses more on her own projects and supporting the military right now. I’m a bit upset we won’t be seeing brand spanking new photos with her every week as we used to but I think I’d feel damn great if she would raise my morale.

Anyways, since she’s not working for VS anymore, here’s a breathtaking gallery with Marisa Miller looking ridiculously sexy as usual for Victoria’s Secret swimwear. These pics are a bit old but her beauty will last forever!