16 Apr 2013

Marina Mozzoni is new for us and.. totally mesmerizing!

Alright mates, it’s time to drool over a fresh new face… and body, coming straight from Argentina, say hello to one of the most gorgeous supermodels you didn’t know yet, the ridiculously sexy Marina Mozzoni!  Sweet Christmas, I don’t know why we haven’t heard of this peach ’til this day, but after gawking and drooling over every single one of these photos, I can totally say that I really, really, hope she gets popular. Fast!

I mean.. she has the right curves in all the right places, she’s adorable and stunning and seeing that perfect little body in lingerie is probably one of the most awesome things to do in any day. She’s really close to perfection and if you don’t believe my words, I’m pretty sure that these photos will speak for themselves.

Props to the guys from Simone Perele for picking this super hottie to model their lingerie because that’s how we’ve heard of her. I really, really hope we get to see a whole lot more of Marina and her killer curves in lingerie (and why not, bikinis) very, very soon. Enjoy and try to remember her name, ok ?