15 Nov 2011

Mariana Marcki looking so amazing you’ll squirm

Moving on with the criminally underrated Mariana Marcki looking pretty darn hot in this amazing lingerie photoshoot from Debenhams. Who is she, you ask? Well… all we could tell you about this peach is that she’s a Brazilian supermodel and that automatically means she’s super hot and adorable, right?

I don’t know if you guys and gals believe in love at first sight but after gawking at just a couple of photos with her earlier today I was completely mesmerized by this girl. As you can see from any of these pics, Mariana has an insanely hot body and it’s almost near perfect.

The only problem I could find right now is that she doesn’t show it off enough. We’d love to see more photos of this girl and I’m sure that with every new photoshoot we’ll like her more and more and more. Enjoy!