20 Oct 2011

Mariana & Camila Davalos in swimwear? Hell yeah!

I feel like we don’t see the hottest pair of twins in the world, Mariana & Camila Davalos, nearly enough as we should so I decided you guys should take a look at these drop dead sexy (and new) swimwear photos from Besame that I’ve been holding onto since yesterday..

We’ve ended the other day with a total gush fest thanks to a wonderful lingerie photoshoot from these guys featuring Colombian beauty Catalina Otalvaro and I kept these drool inducing swimwear photos with the sexiest twins in the world just to end this day as well.

I really can’t think of a better way to spend a regular Thursday afternoon other than gawking at this amazing photoshoot with two twin girls, both ridiculously hot, both Colombian models, both posing together in a variety of sexy bikinis to turn us all into a pack of brain-dead drooling zombies.

Anyways, enjoy these new uber sexy photos of Mariana & Camila Davalos and seriously, try not to drool all over yourselves.