6 Jul 2010

Maria Elisa Camargo is new, in a bikini, and totally hot

Maria Elisa Camargo Maxim 1

Maria Elisa Camargo is another babe you’ve probably never heard of until today, mainly because she’s a Columbian hottie and only few girls from this country are popular enough for us to know ’em. This babe apparently started her showbiz career after she appeared in the Columbian version of the X Factor.

From what I found out, she hasn’t won it but with her delightful little body rocked every men’s minds and everyone wanted to see more of her. So she started with some modeling jobs, she also appeared in a couple of films and she also has a musical project.

So… she’s a perfect combo: model, actress and singer and if she knew a bit of English I’m sure her popularity will go up as fast as a rocket! Maria Elisa Camargo is a sensation for Latin countries and the Mexican Maxim featured her in a scorching hot bikini pictorial for their July 2010 Issue.

Don’t know about you guys, but I’d definitely like to see more pics with this girl in bikinis in the future. Oh yeah…