7 Jul 2010

Marcela Kloosterboer shows off her tight body

Marcela Kloosterboer SH 1

If you can get this girl’s name right from the first time, you are definitely our hero. Marcela Kloosterboer (that’s her name) is a gorgeous babe from Argentina even though her name doesn’t sound Latin in any way. She is of Dutch descent and whatever genetic mix was involved in creating Marcela was definitely a winner.

At 26, she’s apparently a pretty popular actress in Argentina and she even sings from time to time. She’s cited as being one of the most beautiful women from her country and today we finally got to see a bunch of pictures with Marcela Kloosterboer from a mens magazine called SH (solo para hombres) which is the equivalent of “only for men”.

I was expecting a bit more from a magazine only for men though. I’m pretty sure women will read this magazine too even though it’s not for ’em and will definitely like this hottie. She’s not showing too much of her tight little body but it’s just enough to get us interested in her.