12 Jun 2013

Manoela Klein is a sexy Amazon goddess

Cold, gloomy and dark rainy days, beware! For we are in the presence of Brazilian uber hotness, going by the name of Manoela Klein. As she is for the first time evaporating the clouds and melting our faces, we welcome this goddess into our midst.

Truth be told, her supernova radiation does not come as a total surprise, since the planet welcomed her sexy apparition on the 7th of April, 1984 – just as yours truly. So, one must recognize that sexy comes in rare, little but heavy packages. Now, self-praise aside, it seems we are being strongly hunted – and taken down, might I add – by Brazilian beauties. I, for one, feel totally powerless while facing this amazon and would instantly agree to surrender to her sexy, long feet and be a sex slave. Could you imagine that? I can, and it’s getting harder and harder.. to type!

My master.. pardon, Manoela Klein decided to take us by storm in a Verano High Swimwear photoshoot, letting little to the imagination and striking us down with her amazing physical trades, giving us plenty of opportunities – and photos – to drool endlessly over her gleaming, shiny, toned – and dangerous – body. Let the leering begin!