5 Oct 2010

Maky Soler is really, really hot… whoever she is

Maky Soler Hombre 1

I know very little to nothing about Maky Soler, a girl who’s apparently an actress from Mexico who already rocked the minds of every men from her country. She’s a stunning brunette with the right curves in all the right places and since she’s pretty damn hot, she was just featured in the most popular mens magazine from Mexico.

The newest issue of Hombre features a scorching hot pictorial with Maky Soler where this peach unleashes her hotness to leave us all drooling. Now… I’m not going to say anything about these pictures because you’ll probably see how hot the girl is, I’m just going to add something about this magazine because it’s starting to be one of my favorite lads mags in the world.

These guys from Hombre have an incredible taste in women an what I like the most about this magazine is that… the photoshoots have many many pictures to feast our eyes on. That’s how it’s done. When you get a beautiful girl to pose for you… you take as many pics as you can and you also publish ’em to please your readers.

Oh yeah!