25 Sep 2017

How To Make The Way You Talk More Attractive To The Ladies

A lot of time has been spent in researching ways to make us more attractive to the opposite sex, and you can also find a lot of other articles to that effect here at Brosome. Today, we are going to cover something that I believe we have never discussed before in this arena – how to make the way you talk more attractive to the ladies.

More Attractive To The Ladies

Suddenly that English class you took is not so useless anymore, huh?

Unless they didn’t teach you how to use metaphors. That, or you just weren’t listening. As it turns out, according to the latest research by the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, it was found out that the ladies get more attracted to men who know how to use symbolic language.

For instance, instead of saying “I like your eyes”, they get more turned on when you say “Your eyes shine like the light of the moon”. The reason for this is that talking this way gives out the signal that you are intelligent and creative, and girls dig that.

This doesn’t give you a license to come up with metaphoric cat calls though, and it doesn’t’ even matter how creative they are. It still makes you an a-hole. And those will most likely end with a drink in your face rather than a number in your hand. (But you’re welcome to share those with us for good-natured humor).

If you are really having problems coming up with creative pick-up lines, then feel free to do some research. The internet is crawling with those. And a little bit of reading helps too. I’m not talking about tabloid stuff. I mean really reading a classic novel and memorizing a quote or two.

In the end, if you really can’t come up with something creative, just be sincere. The rest will surely follow.