19 Dec 2014

Make Her Swipe Right with Your Dating Profile

Online dating has become one of the best places to meet quality women. Whether you’re on Tinder or Match.com, a critical part of your dating success (or failure) is your dating profile — which practically makes for a first impression.

If you want to stand out from the rest, then heed these tips in coming up with the best dating profile. Who knows? The woman might end up swiping right.

Be careful with your intent

Other dating sites allow users to place their intent on their profile. Placing “something casual” in yours would only attract women who also don’t want anything serious. If you are trying to look for something serious, then go put “looking for a relationship”.

This form of filtering will help you save a ton of time and effort.

Share your profession

Quality women want men who are driven, stable and goal-oriented. It will be a big plus to place your profession in your dating profile. Otherwise, place your dreams and goals in the years to come. Women find men who have ambition incredibly sexy.

So if you have a career that you are proud of, go right ahead and showcase it.

Show your outdoorsy side

Apart from your profession, it would be a big plus to show an active photo of you, whether it’s walking the dog or playing your favorite sport.

Besides, it’s better to see you on daylight, outdoor light rather than her seeing a dimly lit version of you drinking in a bar.

Allow her to see your face and eyes

It’s easy for women to swipe left if the photo on your profile shows you wearing glasses or a cap. It’s better if she sees a better view of your face, particularly your eyes.

When you allow her to see your face, then it establishes trust not only on you but also in online dating itself. God knows how many ill-intentioned men are there.

Dating Profile 1

Keep your photos diverse

Better your dating profile by uploading a variety of photos — one that shows you’re career driven, one being family-oriented, one enjoying a certain hobby and one that shows your best angle.

This is key to attracting women. It embodies a form of comfort and trust that makes her feel more at ease looking at your profile. This is far better instead of bombarding her with just one photo taken with different angles, which leads us to our next point.

Stop uploading selfies

Remember: Your goal is to find a quality woman you can actually have a fulfilling relationship with. When you choose to upload selfies, especially gym shots that show off your biceps and abs, you might appear as self-absorbed.

Like what we said in our previous point, embrace variety in the photos you upload. Show her that you are more than just a conceited guy who wants a woman to praise his Adonis-like body.


A smile makes you look kind, genuine and approachable. Plus, it makes it look like you’re someone who knows how to have fun, which you are.

Elevate your dating profile from smug to boyfriend material. In no time, you’ll find that quality woman you’ve been longing for.