10 Jan 2017

How To Make 2017 A Better Sex Year, Even After A Decade Of Marriage

Having really crazy hot sex is easy, if it’s the first time you’re going to have sex with her, that is. That, or the first few times. There’s still a lot of discover and thrill. You have not memorized each other’s moves yet and anticipation lends a hand to the stimulation. This is also the reason why one-night stands are so addicting, and why a relationship feels so good when you’re just starting out.

Passionate couple kissing

But, what happens when we fast forward to the future. No crazy Brangelina divorce. You’re still together. Now, that is surely a feat – but what of your sex life? Your love is touching, but can we say the same for your life under the sheets? Probably not. If it’s still the same crazy hot sex as a decade before, then what the hell are you doing her, reading? Go have sex, you bastard. But if it’s not the same as before, then read on, cabron.

Put it on the calendar.

One of the main culprits why action in the bedroom fades away after long-term relationships is because there’s no action anymore. Even a little bit. There’s so much stress. So much work. So much chores. There’s so little time left to woohoo. At the end of long days, you guys are just so tired it makes sense to just order pizza and go to sleep right after!

So, make time for it! Put it on your calendar. Yes, that’s right. I’m telling you to schedule sex, and put it on her planner as well. You can even write something dirty on a sticky note and place it there yourself.

Act like a pair of really horny teenagers.

If you guys are losing the spark because of the time, then turn it back. And because it’s impossible to do just that, then why not act the part instead? Spank her, grope her, act really naughty. Take some risks as well. Do this while the kids are there, just make sure you don’t get caught. And if it permits, take it to the next level. Spare the kids and take it to the public. Do it in a parked car. Heck, do it in the beach! Do it anywhere BUT your own bed. Have fun, you crazies!