6 Feb 2013

Magdalena Frackowiak makes me want to learn Polish… badly

Another day, another awesome photoshoot from Victoria’s Secret that will surely make it even better! Here’s the adorably hot Polish supermodel Magdalena Frackowiak looking absolutely stunning, and more importantly, showing off some sexy skin and curves in a lot of drool inducing lingerie shots and a couple of awesome bikini photos of as well.

Say it with me my friends.. Sweet Christmas! I totally dig this girl’s tight little body, and even though I remember that one of you guys said she’s waay too skinny, I’m just going gaga over her sexiness. Yeah, she’s not as curvy as Monika Pietrasinska or Natalia Siwiec for example, but she’s all natural and sweet, and cute, and so on, exactly what I want from my next girlfriend.

If this is just the first time you’re seeing a couple of photos of Magdalena, I’m sure you’re squirming in your chair right now over these groovy photos. That’s why you should also check out our previous articles with this peach here. Enjoy!