17 Feb 2012

Magdalena Frackowiak looking so cute you’ll squirm

I don’t remember when was the last time we’ve featured Polish bombshell Magdalena Frackowiak in here, it must’ve been a loong time ago, and I’m pretty damn sure you’ve all missed drooling over this peach and her groovy little body. Am I right? Thought so.. Well, prepare yourselves for a total gush fest, because today we have a treat for you guys and gals, thanks to Victoria’s Secret.

Here’s Magdalena Frackowiak doing her usual thing, prancing around in skimpy little outfits and looking uber hot while doing so for Victoria’s Secret new 2012 collection. I guess I’ve seen hundreds of photos with this peach in the last year or so but I don’t think she has ever looked this hot. She’s always stunning but in this photoshoot she’s beyond that..

And I’m not saying that because she’s showing off her perfect little body in all sorts of dreamy outfits, ranging from skimpy lingerie to bikinis and casual clothes she would wear while hanging out with me… she looks freaking hot from top to bottom and I think she even looks a bit bustier than the last time I’ve seen her. Hot, hot, hot! We really need to see this hottie more often.