24 Jun 2013

Magdalena Frackowiak is in need of cooling off

You know what!? I’m so hot right now I could easily evaporate an entire ocean.. and so’s one of my favorite Polish supermodels, Magdalena Frackowiak. I really didn’t need all her hotness melting me away.. but I’m not complaining either.

Hot damn do I love this girl. I totally dig this girl’s tight little body and her one of a kind sexiness; she’s all natural and sweet, and cute, and so on. And I especially dig her when she’s showing off her sexy little body and bodacious curves wearing swimwear for Victoria’s Secret, of course.

It’s not a secret that this girl is a supernova of hotness, and has a killer body from head to toe. If this is just the first time you’re seeing a couple of photos of Magdalena, this could be an awesome moment for you; but, be warned – I don’t know if it’s better to be home alone, or have someone monitor your heart beats. Enjoy!